شعار کفش ساتر

Sater Tejarat Charmin Giti Company

With the assignment of the Almighty Lord and backed by 20 years of experience in the shoe industry, and with the help of a group of experts in the field, the Gate Leather Trading Company began operating in 1977 under the name of Sarter. Sutter aims to design and produce all kinds of safety, engineering, personnel and office feet in the international class and equips its production lines with day -to -day shoe industry and the use of high quality raw materials and by selecting experienced human resources, step into the field of production. And at the very beginning, it has put in place the honor of cooperating and meeting the needs of reputable domestic and private public and private organizations and factories to Armenia, the UAE and the UAE.
In addition to obtaining initial activity permits, the company, such as operating licenses and business licenses, has won the national standard of Iran and has been approved by the Ministry of Labor Research Center for a variety of safety shoes, power insulation and high -pressure electricity. Given the importance of innovation in order to enhance the shoe industry and the satisfaction of esteemed consumers, with the creation of an active and efficient research and development unit, it has succeeded in producing tissue engineering safety shoes for the first time in the Middle East, to another honor for Iran and the City of the First, Tabriz To make.
Given the importance of geographical and environmental conditions and its impact on choosing the right shoes, the company’s technical and sales experts are answering questions and providing any specialized advice for better choice and ultimately to satisfy the esteemed consumers. Providing a written guarantee over the 6 to 12 -month period of product type indicates goodness and confidence of the company to the quality of its products.
Hope we are worthy of your trust and choice.

A standard national badge

The Sater Tejarat Charmin Giti  Company, with the brand of Sarter in January of 1400, managed to obtain a national standard badge in the production of safety shoes.

استاندارد شرکت ساتر تجارت چرمین گیتی
Awards and achievements

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